Monday, August 3, 2009

Revenge of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz

This is another great book in the series. Don't start with it, go in order, but I liked it every bit as much as the first two. They all follow the same kind of plan, but they don't feel formulaic. I have nothing in common with Izzy Spellman, but I love her!

This series is a nice change from the books I usually read. If you took some of the things this family does to each other (invasion of privacy, pranks, etc) too seriously, it might be too much. But taking it as fiction, it is not.

Here are some lines I especially liked:

"The rest of the day I had only one thought in my mind: Is this really my life?"

"My feet felt like lead and I wanted to punch the wind that was slowing me down."

"Petra changed everything and I found that our relationship became too sticky to dust off."
Clever, huh?

I love this series, and I'm thrilled to see that #4 is coming out in March 2010!


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Kammy, you do such a great job of reviewing books that you make me want to read everything you read. I can't say enough great things about your blog. How many pages are there in the Spellman books?

Betsy said...

I loved the series, too, thanks to your recommendations. Fun and easy reading. Glad to know the 4th one is coming out. I was a teeny bit bugged with the way #3 ended because I'm such a lover of neat and tidy endings, so I'll look forward to the next one.

Kammy T said...

Sharlene--I think they are between 300-400. They read pretty fast.

Betsy--I agree. This the first one that seemed to set you up for a sequel, which is always annoying in books. I've heard they going to make a movie, I hope they do--if they get good actors and don't make it R.

Sara said...

Kammy, thanks for the tip on this series. I just finished the first one, and loved it, and recommended it along . . . fun reading. Sometimes isn't it nice to escape?