Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Swim to Me by, Betsy Carter

Yes I recommend this book. But I think it's probably like a 3 out of 5, or rent it kind of recommendation. Maybe I need to invent a more precise system.
I liked this book that is about Weeki Wachee, and the swimming mermaids. It's basically a coming of age book for Delores Walker (Taurus). I liked the story and the characters enough. Nothing wowed me, but nothing drove me crazy either.
I can't remember if I found this on one of your blogs..Amy, Betsy???...or why I put a hold on it, but it was a quick enough read. It takes place in 1972, and had a couple Esther Williams references. I think Esther Williams mentioned Weeki Wachee in her book too. The lady in charge of the mermaids was described in such a way that I couldn't get the picture of the costume designer in The Incredibles out of my head.
I loved this quote, "Delores, startled by her mother's comment, had the impulse to say the meanest thing she could think of."
I know that feeling (not about my mother of course)!
I also hope my children never say this, "When she thought of home, she thought of towels on the bathroom floor, toast crumbs spilled on the kitchen counter from the morning's breakfast, half-finished sentences shouted from room to room." But I guess no one could blame them.......
I like they way the book ended. I liked the magical, mystical elements of the water and animals, and the cute little brother. That all I have to say!

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