Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Phantom of the Opera

I am finally getting to reviewing this book that I REALLY liked. I think it was a great book club pick--thanks Cheryl--especially for October. It is spooky and creepy without being gorey or graphic. A couple of times I braced myself to be horrified or to skip over something, but I didn't need to. Especially IN the ghost's house.

The translation I read was by Alexander Teixeira de Mattos, and was the "Borders Classics" version from Borders books.

I read it fast in a couple of days with hopes to finish before book club, but failed. So I didn't take notes like I usually do. Also, I saw a production of Phantom of the Opera when I was in highschool, and listened to the soundtrack hundreds of times in the early 90's. That being said, I only vaguely remembered much of the story.

When I saw the musical, I remember thinking Christine had wronged the Phantom. In the book, I was very into the character of Raoul. I LOVED the back story of he and Christine. I was grateful a lot of the back story of the Ghost was skimmed over. I didn't want to know any more about the rosy hours of Mazenderan.

I loved the phrasing of things like that. "rosy hours." I really enjoyed the writing style throughout. I'm flipping through for more examples, "The famous baritione had hardly finished..." "He kissed her hands and went away, cursing Erik and resolving to be patient." Without knowing a better way to say it, I loved the wording and the voice throughout.

I recommend this book! I think it is an interesting story. I've got to read up more about the Paris Opera House because it fascinated me to find out that so many of the insane things described about it in the book really existed!

I'd love to hear what you think if you read this!!

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Kim Edwards said...

Thanks for the review - I would love to read that. Kammy, how is your recovery going? I hope you are doing well - it was good to see a new post from you!