Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

This is the book that inspired me to start a blog. The advantage to being the last person you know to read a book is that you can talk to everyone you know about it! I have loved that about reading Twilight. I realized I want to know what my friends think about other books I've read and will read, and there just isn't always enough time in person.

I would recommend this book to most of my friends. I think it will be kind of a litmus test. But actually most of my friends have read it.

Overall Impression
Immediatly absorbing for me. I loved Bella and how unassuming she was, completely unaware that Edward would like her. I think the magic of this book is how quickly we can relate to her. The excitement and anxiety of falling in love and not knowing if your love will be returned is so familiar to all of us. I've been saying it over and over, but I think Stephenie Meyer did a great job of describing the kind of passionate self-restraint that Mormons are all too familiar with. So many adolescent novels and movies lead up to the moment of complete abandon. I can't pinpoint what exactly I liked about her style of writing, but I felt very much a part of this book from the beginning. Knowing that he was a vampire from the beginning could have made her early discoveries annoying, but I didn't feel that way. It's been a long time since I've read a romance, and this was a good one.

How well the author captures the feelings of love, and lust.
The way that Bella's emotions physically overtake her body, and not in a cliched way.

The scary parts of course. But I appreciated that the gore was omitted.
The fact that Bella didn't tell Edward that his smell, even his breath was intoxicating.
That the cover and some other references I've read infer that she wanted Edward because he was forbidden. I didn't see it that way.
Next Two Books
I was excited to continue the story. I got into New Moon quickly, Eclipse took me a little bit longer. Part of it is just when you read a series and the author has to repeat the background stuff that you already know. That is always annoying. I think Stephenie Meyer did a good job of creating more of a story line, two sides, not necessarily good and evil. I hated the creepy Volturi parts, and the dialouge between Ella and Edward isn't as good I don't think. All that said, I think Twilight is the superior book, but I will definetly keep reading this series. I'm excited to see the movie interpretation when it comes out. I am fascinated that the author, who was at BYU when I was, who has three boys like me, was able to create such an intricate, and I think, original saga.


Emmie-Lew said...

I just finished this series last week. I really enjoyed them- the 1st being the best of the 3 books. I liked the unexpectedness of things. I got a little sick of the "he's so wonderful I can't breathe" refrences, but she was 17- so I guess that makes sense. That's the other thing- she was ONLY 17. A little young for this major love stuff- lust at 17 is more realistic I think--but I didn't know Lew when I was 17, so I don't know! ;)
I typically like just about everything I read. I'm a "Polyanna" reader- overlooking things I don't like. It's usually at my book club meetings that I realize I didn't actually *like* the book at all! LOL

Kelly said...

I think I'm the odd-ball in the world about this book. I read Twilight and just couldn't bring myself to continue the series. I agree with you that it's very captivating and that you connect with Bella so easily. I also think she did a great job of making you feel that vampires and warewolves could actually be among us- I think that takes talent. But I didn't like the deep gushy love for a 17 year old girl. He's sneaking in her room and watching her sleep? YIKES! I'm like Emily, I usually just like everything (um, that's SO my dad!), but for some reason this one just didn't sit well. There's my two bits!

Kammy said...

Emily, the same thing happens to me. I think a book is fine, then when I start talking about it I realize my list of things I don't like is a lot longer than my likes. Its always amazing to me that writers can come up with such complex stories anyway, so I usually am intrigued to see where the story will go.

I think I know what you both are getting at with the "only 17" part. But I think that's something I connected with. I think at 17 you are so insanely passionate about things. Life is drama. I remember my whole day could be better or worse depending if a certain boy talked to me or smiled at me. I think most of us grow out of that kind of irrational, obsessive crush as we get older. Sort of. I remember being a bit dramatic even at 20 with Graham! I think the story would have been ruined if it was written by someone else besides an LDS author who chose to keep it clean. Does that make sense? Even in the third book, I respected how she made Edward so "old-fashioned." And again the whole self-restraint theme, I love it!

Kim Edwards said...

So, Kammy, I am curious... were you happy that she chose Edward in the end of Eclipse? I totally became a fan of Jacob. I thought Edward was great, of course, but after her vision of the two cute dark-haired kids that she could have with Jacob - and their great kiss. I felt like she was giving up so much. That is coming from someone who thinks families are pretty important. How did you feel?

Kim Edwards said...

I just realized I may have ruined part of the ending for some who haven't finished Eclipse. I'm sorry!

Kammy said...

You know, that is such a good point! I stayed a fan of Edward because of their passion. It seemed like she was talking herself into loving Jacob. You have really made me think about that. I think family would definetly weigh in strong for me too. I guess we'll have to see where #4 goes...I'm having a hard time believing that Edward is going to change her. I think he is really worried about what she's giving up. BUT Jacob is a werewolf, so she wouldn't exactly have a normal life that way either.

Kim Edwards said...

Kammy, you are right - being with a werewolf wouldn't be a normal life, either. And I guess the fact that Jacob could end up being imprinted to someone else would leave Bella out of the picture. I guess there is no perfect solution. Unless she ended up with Mike, which is boring. : ) I just like Jacob.