Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Book List

Because I'm working backwards and I said I wouldn't write about books that I haven't freshly read, I thought I'd list the one I can remember that I read in 2007 and see if it brings any comments.


The Interpreter of Maladies--very unique collection of stories, some more sad than others, recommend

The Memory Keeper's Daughter--SOOO sad, still a good book, but it might make you cry

The Bridge to Terebithia--Loved it, never read it as a kid, nice quick read

Peace Like a River (re-read, one of my favorites)--If you haven't read this you must. I LOVE it.

Frankenstein--Didn't care much for it, but it was nice to know the story behind the legend, I coudn't stand Dr. Frankenstein, read up about Mary Shelley--that's the real interesting story!

The Glass Castle--I probably should do a review on this because I'd love to talk more about it. Great writer, great perpective (non-judgmental, objective), SAD story, pretty happy ending.

Little Women (Abridged!)--I read this for book club not realizing the copy I've had for 20 years is abridged. After listening to the other ladies, I'll stick with the abridged version I love!

A Train to Potevka--Great story, very different from most books I read. Nice spiritual element, the writer is LDS. Don't let the scary spy beginning turn you off the book, the rest is more mild.


Kelly said...

I haven't read any of these, thank you for more ideas! So, did you like all of them?

Amy Rushton said...

The Memory Keeper's Daughter--I so agree with you on the overall impression of it. Definately worth reading, but so sad. It frustrated me so much that there was such a lack of communication. They could have fixed everything if they would have just communicated with each other!
The Bridge to Terebithia--love it too! This was one of my favs in Elementary school and middle school. I also enjoyed "Jacob Have I Loved" by the same author.
Peace Like a River--Love it! This is on my shelf to be read again very soon. It is so beautifully written.
The Glass Castle--such a sad story, but told with such understanding on the part of the author.
I love to talk about books, so you may hear from me often!

Kim Edwards said...

Kammy,I am so incredibly happy to read your blog. I love reading your recommedations - you make me feel excited to really get into some good books. Thanks for the invite!

Carly said...

OK...so you know I'm not a big book reader, but your site makes me wanna be! Can you recommend something easy for me to start off with...?

Little Sister said...

I loved Peace like a River for the same reason I loved Glass Castle, it captured a child's innocent perspective through traumatic life events. I loved the way The Glass Castle used optimism, hope, and playfulness to soften the sad parts of this book. And I loved the triumphant ending.

I have finally put my skepticism aside, and started reading twilight. Mainly so I can join the constant chatter of my neighbors, church members, friends, and now family concerning this book!

I did not like Lovely Bones one bit. It was very similair to Amy Tam's latest book "Saving Fish from Drowning" which was a real disapointment for me (I love Amy Tam). I feel like both books rambled on with out much point, and had undifined ending. However I often reflect on Sebold's heaven, and find it very believable, and even comforting.

Betsy said...

Kammy, I love your blog! This will be such a great resource for me as I start my bookclub. . . and for great suggestions. I'll be here all the time. Thanks!!

Kim Edwards said...

Kammy, I just put three books on hold at the library, thanks to your suggestions.

Julie E. said...

I loved 'Peace Like a River'! Everyone needs to read that - I need to read it again. Also really liked 'Memory Keeper's Daughter' even though it was somewhat disturbing. These are great book club books! I haven't read 'The Glass Castle' - I'll have to add that to my list.

Kammy said...

Glass Castle would have been a good one for your book club Julie. I didn't think to recommend it. It's kind of a coming of age book about a girl whose parents chose to be homeless. She's is now a successful writer, which is a miracle. Very interesting story, and sad.