Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Spellman Files by, Lisa Lutz

This is a fun book. Thanks for the recommendation Alisha!

The book jacket compares it to Harriet the Spy, and Nancy Drew for grown-ups. I think its a fair comparison. The story is about a family of P.I.s. It's written from Izzy's 20-something perspective. She has case files, transcripts, and charming lists.

I enjoyed the style of the book, the spunky characters, and it has a couple of good mysteries too. The Spellmans are good mix of dysfunction and love. The details had me cracking up. For example, the tennis uniforms, paying the little sister, the tattoos. Good cover too.

I recommend this book! (Just a warning, there are a handful of f-words.)


Alisha Marlatt said...

So glad you liked the book, sorry about the swear words, I honestly couldn't remember if there were any.

kim said...

oooh, sounds great! loved nancy drew, so i bet i will be a fan.

Alisha Marlatt said...

Hey Kammy, I have another recommendation for you. I noticed that you have read a few of Shannon Hale's books. I just read one that was really fun. It's called Goose Girl. It's a young adult novel and it's really cute.

Wendy said...

Loved it! Thanks so much for the recommendations. Can't wait to read the next one!