Sunday, September 28, 2008

eat cake by Jeanne Ray

What a fun book! I really enjoyed reading this and I recommend it to everyone. Thanks Amy for introducing me to the book and loaning me your copy!

What I liked:
I was trying to think of how to explain why this book that has plenty of sadness and trials made me happy. Well, first of all it has a happy ending *yay,* but the characters are nice. It has people who surprise you with their kindness, generosity and support. I couldn't help but think of Lars and the Real Girl that I watched last week (thanks Kim!). It also has characters that surprise you with their kindness, generosity and support. I love stories like that. I think too many times people in real life dissappoint you by being selfish, lazy and apathetic. So its nice to read about better people.

There are so many great moments in this book. I especially liked when Ruth's mother compliments her, and when both her parents come through for her. There were so many great quotes, I'll post some at the end.

One of the best things about this book is that the characters make positive changes in their lives. I think that is very encouraging and uplifting. Motivating, really.

Also all the cake imagery and description is great! Having a cake as her safe place. I just got a kick out of it and thought the metaphors held up well.

I don't have a list of things I don't like this time.

But here are some great quotes from the book:

"Everybody gets tired of cooking dinner. There's too much responsibility. Did we eat this last week? Is it balanced, is it green, will he like it, will she eat it, do I have the right ingredients, enough time, will this new recipe fail me?"
I can relate, can't you???

"We'll drink and eat cake and in the morning we'll come up with some sort of plan. I think it would be good if we didn't try to figure it out right this minute."

"I was terrified. I loved him."

"Doing something is always easier than waiting."

"She was a teacher in her soul."

"It did the very thing that music can do when it is at its best: It elevated us and healed us an showed us how to be our better selves."
I LOVE this quote.

This book is a slim 225 easy-to-read pages. Pick it up if you don't have time to read, really. It's lovely, quick and fun.

I'm hoping it was a nice appetizer for Truman that I picked up from the library yesterday, Colby are you kidding me with this 1000 pages??!! It's worth it??


warcolby said...

Ok, I'm way intereseted in the book you recommended. I'm looking for a fun, but good book club read so maybe this is it??

And ofcourse it's worth it, maybe?! Ok, truthfully-it took me a while to get into it because it takes forever for McCullough just to get through even Truman's grandparents. But that's why I love McCullough-so many details. You feel so immersed in the history and their lives. And about half way through the book I found myself getting addicted to those details-wanting to know what happened next, how everything fits together historically. I'm sure I told you this, but i literally cried at the end, because I felt like I was leaving a friend. I was sad to say goodbye to Truman.

I did tell you though that it took me like a month 1/2 to read?? I would recommend pacing yourself and reading other books in between. Good luck you ambitious gal.

Kammy said...

Our book club read this and I think everyone liked it. Amy, very ambitious, even made one of the fancy cakes from the back. It was delicious.

I've read 4 pages of Truman.

Amy said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed Eat Cake! Now I just have to get brave enough to try another cake from the back! and to your other friend who commented...I have recommeded this for two book clubs now and both loved it! It is a fast read AND has some good discussion that comes out of reading it. One friend said she was surprised how a seemingly fluffy book actually had a lot of meat to it. Good luck in your book club experience with it! I think you will enjoy it!

kim said...

kammy, let me just say it again, you amaze me how much you reach and i love all the diverse books you read. this one sounds like a good one, and with so many quotables.

Alisha Marlatt said...
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