Thursday, June 19, 2008

confessions of a slacker mom by Muffy Mead-ferro

I didn't like this book. I liked the idea, I thought it would be relatable and at least humorous.

Instead I think it was self-gratifying and arrogant. I think the author probably has some good ideas, but her examples and her reference point were extreme and stupid.

I don't know one person who has a TV in each of their kids rooms. I don't know one person who wants their kids to be years ahead in school, but not be able to catch a ball. Maybe she was exaggerating to be funny, but if so her arguments kind of lose their power. But actually I don't think they had much power to start with.

I'll admit that half-way through the book I was done with it. It's short so I finished, hoping to find something more redeemable or valuable. I don't think there are any new ideas here. NONE. There were things I agreed with and things I didn't, but it didn't open up my eyes to anything, nor provide me with any new ideas.

I do think she has enough ideas and funny things to say that she could have written an at least partially entertaining magazine article. Really not enough substance for a whole book.

One more gripe:  I think her kids are a little young for her to think she has it all figured out.

I could rant some more, and I apologize for not taking better notes and being more specific with my complaints. I guess I'm a slacker.


Julie E. said...

I've heard of this book and thought it would be an interesting read... I'll go ahead and it take it off my list. Thanks for the review.

ColbyWarnock said...

ok, so i won't read this book. i have a seperate question about your blog layout. did you find a template, or do you know how to customize it yourself?? and if you do it yourself, could you share your knowledge??

Carly said...

I haven't heard of this one, but thanks for the heads up!! It made me laugh too!