Sunday, August 7, 2011

Savvy by Ingrid Law

This is a fun quick read that I would say would be most appealing for 4th and 5th graders.  The story is told through Mibs Beaumont, who comes from a family with special powers.  They refer to them as "savvy" and the special "how-to" usually appears on the child's 13th birthday.  Of course the savvy is powerful, and it takes time and effort for the kids to keep it in control.  As a result, one of her brothers started an hurricane on accident, and another quite often causes power outages.

Right before her 13th birthday, Mibs' father is in a horrible accident.  Most of the book is about the adventure she and two of her brothers go on trying to get to the hospital to see him. 

I think it teaches simple lessons about the difference between what people show on the outside, and what they are on the inside.  It is sweet and simple. 


Bethany said...

I can't remember how I first came across your blog, but I've been following for awhile and just wanted to say "thanks!" My goodreads' "to read" list keeps growing and I'm especially grateful for your kid suggestions because it's easier to avoid so much of the kid trash that is so prevalent these days.


Betsy said...

I read this one this summer too, at Maggie's insistence, and thought it was so fun! I think I even stayed up late to finish it in one day -- loved the characters. She has written a companion book that has a different main character, but includes characters from Savvy. It's called "Scumble." Maggie loved that one, too. It's still on my list.

Kammy T said...

Bethany--Sara Payne Anderson and I were friends at BYU, you're related to her, right? Thanks for commenting!

Betsy--I forgot to mention the fun words and adjectives, sometimes made up, that Ingrid Law uses. I love them, and "scumble" was one of my favorites! I probably got this recommendation from you on goodreads! said...

I need something fun to read at football practice :)