Monday, February 14, 2011



The GruCru said...

First of all what were doing in the middle of the night blogging? I"m currently listeining to Sweetness of the Bottom of the Pie and really enjoying it. Have you read any Kaye Gibbons? My fav is Charms for an Easy Life. How about "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks"?

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Upon your recommendation I read *The Guernsy Literatary and Potato Peel Pie Society.*

I love reading about WWII, but I really can't handle reading about the cruel, awful stuff if it's too detailed or long. So you really sold me on the book when you said:

"One thing I LOVED was that it does not gloss over the horrors these people faced in the war, but it doesn't dwell on them."

I recommend: *To the Rescue*, the bio of Pres. Monson. I just finished it. It's long, but you'll learn so much about this amazing man. Some parts are more interesting than others, but it has story after story. There is a long section on his involvement with the saints in East Germany that is fascinating and probably my favorite reading--again---my love of stories having to do with WWII.

Congratulations on 100 reviews!!!

Lori said...

Ooh, great giveaway. Your write up on Mudhouse Sabbath really made me want to read it. I jotted it down to suggest for my book club.
Right now I'm in the middle of A Thousand Splendid Suns--a book about Afghan women/girls. It's had one or two pages that I had to skim (I'm pretty weak sauce), but overall I'm fascinated. It's fiction, but realistically portrays what women's lives there are/can be like.

Amy said...

I read Garlic and Sapphires based on your post about it. I really enjoyed most of it. The strange thing about the book was, when she was happy, the book was great, but once she became discontented with the job, I didn't like reading it anymore. I thought that was an interesting commentary on her abilities as a writer to convey how she was feeling.

I recommend "Wish You Well" by David Baldacci. I have heard that this book is a huge departure from his usual books, so if you liked his writing in his other book, you should really enjoy this one.

Just Julie said...

Oh, I've gotten SO many book ideas from your reviews. LOVE your blog. My book club and I thank you!

One of my favorite reviews you've done is Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery. What a fantastic book. I don't know if I ever would have heard of it or picked it up if I hadn't seen it on your blog.

I haven't read Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson yet, but have heard great things about it. So, that's my recommendation to you.

Happy reading and happy blogging!

~~ Jill ~~ said...

Hey Kammy - what a fun idea! From reading through your blog, I began to pick up on books by Kate DiCamillo. I saw your review for Because of Winn Dixie as well as The Tiger Rising and read both of them - and LOVED them! I have now read quite a few others by her. As a family, we love her book for kids called Louise, the Adventures of a Chicken :)

As for a book to suggest to you . . . here are two that I have really liked. The Boxmaker's Son by Donald Smurthwaite. Or, if you have read Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, then read Mrs. de Winter by Susan Hill - a sequal by a different author. I really liked how Susan Hill picked up and carried on the style of Daphne Du Maurier - it was just as if she had written it herself.

salty c-snake said...

eek!! so excited.

ok so i read "The Twelve Little Cakes" based on your review and really enjoyed it. I had all the elements I love: a story from the view of a child, who kind of knows about the things going on around her but not really, and who makes her world a magical place, even through the hardships. it been so long, since i've read it. is it enough to say i loved it?

and my recommendation for you is "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. Its a different kind of book. I would say more of an allegory then anything else. Its short. Has some interstings allusions in it. And mostly I just want to hear what you have to say about it because I've been wanting to talk about it with someone and no one else has read it.

{pick me pick me pick me;)}

Anonymous said...

Okay, Jill clued me in to your contest so we're upping our chances. :-) I read the City of Ember series that we heard about on your blog. I'm always good for a good read about the end of the world. The series was pretty good. The third book was really interesting as I could most relate to it. I think it made it easier to read too because you already knew how it turned out. But the way it captured that underlying and subtle fear that I think is in society today about terrorism and uncertainty made it a good read.

Okay, well, a book you should read...and maybe you The Phantom of the Opera. HIGHLY recommend it if you haven't read it. The author does an amazing job of portraying the Opera Ghost as both a sympathetic and pathetic figure as well as one to be feared, one with a terror streak. You really go back and forth feeling sorry for hima nd fearing him. The same author also wrote a book called The Mystery of the Yellow Room - also a great read.

Kammy T said...

Thanks everyone! I can't wait to get reading all your recommendations! I'll post the lucky winner in the morning!