Friday, March 12, 2010

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

So many trusted friends recommended this series to me, that I knew it would be worth it. Even my husband, who knows me best, thought I would like this book that centers on a cruel game where teenagers fight to the death. I was nervous. I'm glad I finally dove in. I think that because the book seemed so far removed from real life, I didn't really register the deaths. It wasn't as horrific as I would feel if it was closer to something I could relate too. Make sense?

I did read this book almost non-stop until I finished it. It's not difficult to read. At my last book club a friend of mine mentioned the term "plot-driven." I think The Hunger Games is a great example of a plot-driven book. I didn't feel compelled to read because I was loving the story, so much as I was dying to know what would happen next. The story is captivating.

I thought of a few different books as I was reading this. The first was City of Ember. The whole post apacolyptic genre and bright teenagers that are going to save the day theme was similiar. I also thought of Lord of the Flies. It's been ages since I've read it, but the Careers' mentality seemed similar.

So I really like The Hunger Games, but I didn't love it. I think the story is good, if not a little bit predictable.

Here are some quotes I liked:

"I stand there unmoving while they take part in the boldest form of dissent they can manage. Silence. Which says we do not agree. We do not condone. All of this is wrong."

"The saltiness reminds me of my tears."

"When I fully awaken, I'm momentarily comforted. I try to hold onto the peaceful feeling of the dream, but it quickly slips away, leaving me sadder and lonlier than ever." Such a bittersweet side effect of dreams. This has happens to me a lot.


Lori said...

That's funny, when I read the City of Ember I thought of Hunger Games. :^)
HG also reminded me of two short stories: The Lottery by Shirley Jackson and The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell...have you read those?

Suze said...

I LOVED this book. I also LOVED the next one in the series and I CANNOT wait for the 3rd one.

What a crazy story eh? I hope they make a movie out of the series. I want to see it come to life, besides what I've dreamed up in my brain.

You will NOT believe what happens in the next book. Enjoy!

lisa said...

Hey Kammy, I just linked to your blog from Lori's. So fun to see what books you recommend. LOVED this book. I agree that the brutality of it seems almost non-human and more from another world and is therefore easier to read. Can't wait for the 3rd book!