Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Frog Princess by E.D.Baker

My four-year-old found out about the new Disney princess movie from their website. She was thrilled and told me all about it. When I heard it was based on this book (I'm not sure if it really is....), I had to look into it. Then my friend at book club told me she had read all the books in the series and really liked them.

And, I really liked this book. I didn't love it, but I think it is really fun. The characters are cute, the story is interesting and creative. It's not as predictable as I feared.

I liked the characters, but some of the development was a little confusing. Like the author had little details about them she wanted to make sure to include, and they were just awkwardly interjected. When Emma decides on the swamp fairy plan, it felt weird to me, and out of character.

It almost felt like a Disney animated movie. Cute characters, good storyline, but with a few painfully cheesy lines. Like when Emma mentions that her grandmother lived "through the woods," and "even my horse knows the way."

I also liked that Emma didn't do what I expected her to do. She wouldn't kiss the frog a second time because she knew better. She didn't want to make things worse. She makes her own decisions, but still learns from other characters. I think she's a fun heroine. I will read more of the series.

I just realized my same four-year-old was looking through my library copy this morning and now my little notes are lost. I was so determined to write a more thought out review this time. Sorry.

So I recommend it! From the little research that I did, the movie seems to be inspired by the book, but I don't think it follows very closely. Which is too bad, hopefully it will be a fun movie anyway.


The GruCru said...

I read it this week to for our mother-daughter book club. I thought it was very fun too.

Hayley's Comment said...

I cannot wait until school is over when i can read all these great books you've posted over the years. Keep reviewing!