Monday, August 18, 2008

Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

Recommendation: If you read the others, you probably will read this one.
I would not recommend reading it if you haven't read the others, or if you didn't like her first books.

What I think is cool about Stephanie Meyer: I think it is really impressive to come up with this kind of complicated story. To create characters, organizations, supernatural beings. I couldn't do it.

I think she writes true to herself and her beliefs. She keeps her books PG, which I think is cool especially given her topic and the desire to sell books to more than just young adults. I think she has proven a point. And that is great!

I also give her a lot of credit for knowing her audience. Introducing a child in this book was genius considering how many mothers are reading her books. I think she said some sweet things about the way we feel about our children instantly.

What bugged me about this book: I really stuggled with the dialouge between characters. Things like, "S'Okay," and "Er, thanks," drive me crazy. There is also a lot of painfully lame phrases and exchanges between her main characters. Trite, over used expressions, and just stupid words. If you've ever watched a movie or TV show with me, you know this kind of stuff drives me CRAZY. Zero tolerance.

One thing I liked about Twilight were the magical scenes. The scene with Edward and Bella in the meadow and the scene where Bella is so happy to see the sun and she falls asleep in the warmth were pretty, and I remembered them. I didn't remember anything in the same way in this book.

Also the way that Bella just believed that they were all going to die, when obviously they stood a chance. Her continual comments about it being about to be over weren't believable to me.

What I liked about this book:

It was a good story. It picked up well where the other one left off. It isn't predictable, and I did really want to see what was going to happen. Lots of interesting twists and turns.

It made me think about how my life would be easier if I was a vampire. Never needing sleep! Especially if your child did sleep. Fascinating possibility. Never having to cook food!

I did think about what the vampires would do when the socialized. Food is such a big part of our social gatherings.

I liked that Bella was happy. I liked that their "coven" was able to be a good example and be closely bonded and everything.

I always love a happy ending!
One last thing:

She called Lake Union, "Union Lake."
I'm also critical of overlooked research or poor editing whichever it was.


Wendy said...

Couldn't agree more with every comment you made here! Right down to Union Lake!!! Where is the fact checker?? That is a big one. :) I found myself doing some skimming, but enjoyed it because it wrapped up the story. Twilight is still above and beyond the best of the series. I might even recommend just reading it alone and skipping the sequel. I also felt that this last booked covered too much territory and could have been 2-3 books.

Cherie said...

I'm not a critic; I just read for the fun of the story, so I really liked it. I liked that it was very different from what I thought would happen. I also really liked Book 2 in Jacob's voice. It was a nice change. I definitely agree that Twilight was the very best of the series! Seeing an interview with Stephanie Meyer, she was being nice to us readers and finished the story instead of dragging it out...

warcolby said...

So we just analyzed this last night but I still wanted to add my 2 cents.

Like I told you, I was pretty critical of the first 3 books. So with this book, maybe because I know what to expect, I just sat back and enjoyed. I think part of what I liked was that this book she jumped right into the story. The others books seeemed to drag on and on just waiting for things to happen. And I like how loose ends were summed up (like how Jacob fits into Bella's life).

I also had to ask what you thought about Bella and Edwards first night together. How Bella was nervous about it and had this inner dialogue about how she could see why you shouldn't be intimate with someone till you were married. I thought it was a nice abstinence plug.

The only thing that let me down was the ending. Not to spoil it, but I thought they got out of it too easily.

It was a fun read, but I hope this really puts the series to rest. I don't know if I can take another one. (Volturi-leave Bella alone please!!)