Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Awakening by Kate Chopin

I read this in college, but didn't remember much past the premise. Because it takes place around the same time and has the same theme as Loving Frank, I thought I might as well.

I do feel for the women of this time period. I appreciate efforts women, including Mamah Borthwick, made in order to further Women's rights, suffarage, etc...I just feel like the stories are too extreme.

I think that in my day, women are encouraged to have book clubs and Ladies Nights. It is expected that we get bored or feel underappreciated. I would hope that that gives us a form to stand on and to try hard to meet our needs. In both these books, I kind of left with the thought that you can't let your life get to this point. The point where your only option is complete abandon.

An interesting quote from Edna Pontellier: "I would give up my life for my children; but I wouldn't give up myself."

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Julie E. said...

I need to read this one again. I also read this in college, but it just kind of blurs in with all of the other novels from my classes. I remember enjoying it, but I'm sure I'd get a lot more out of it today.