Monday, February 11, 2008

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

Yes, I would recommend this to everyone. I think girls as young as 7 or 8 would enjoy it. It was a little slow starting for me, but I did enjoy it. Princess Academy is a great story. I like the characters, the plot, the conflicts, all of it! I couldn't help thinking this would be an easy book to teach story elements from!

What I liked:
I loved the quarry speech. I loved the idea, I loved how it playes such an importance in Miri's life and the story. I like the description. I think the author did a great job of showing how each of the girls had something she was self-conscious or embarrassed about. The characters were sweet, and I think most girls would identify with someone.

I loved the importance of learning to read and how it changed all their lives.

I loved when the girls worked together: the "Diplomacy," and leaving in the first place.

What kind of bugged me:
I didn't like the harshness of Olana. I know it was important for the story, but those first few parts were difficult for me to read. I do think there were many predictable parts, but I think you take that instride when you read a children's novel!!

Final thoughts:
This is a sweet story! Well developed, good details. Its a super quick read, 314 pages, but written for children.


Emmie-Lew said...

I'm a HUGE Shannon Hale fan. I, too LOVED Princess Academy. Megan read it with her book club ( and insisted that I read it, too. I just happened to be reading Austenland by Shannon Hale at the time- and LOVED it- so I borrowed Megan's Princess Academy- and couldn't put it down! The day after I finished it, I went to our library and got Goose Girl, another Shannon Hale book- and LOVED it also! I am amazed at her talent for description and characterization. She is amazing!

Julie E. said...

Amanda and I both read it a year ago and LOVED it. She is a very gifted writer.

I have always struggled to get Ashley to read but she breezed through this quicker than I'd ever seen her read anything before. For that alone I love Shannon Hale - she got my non-reader to read.

Brett Edwards said...

Kammy, have you read any of her other books? Her series of Goose Girl books were so fun - such a great escape. I really liked Book of a Thousand Days too - a very unique story. I actually liked those a little more than I liked Princess Academy. I would love to read your reviews of those books sometime.

Amy said...

I just finished the book today because of your recommendation! I really enjoyed it as well. I was, however, a little bothered by the place names and titles in the book. They seemed to contrived and silly. They distracted me. I know that is a small gripe and overall I loved the book. I will recommend it to others!